Norwegian Winner Show - Nov
Dog judge Bob Blackely / Entry 186
Crudha Nordic Soul @ Catstaff BOB DCC NV
Catstaff's The Devil in I CK 2 in Open and 4 best dog
Aldwych Romeo at Catstaff 4 in open CK
Niatona My Man at Catstaff exl and shortlisted in open
Samross Dream Addition 2 in junior CK
Catstaff's Extraordinary 4 in junior CK

UK Oct SCSBTS - Brett Ley

Enya - Catstaff`s Extraordinery 1 junior bitch


Holland Oct NSBTC - Fred Jones

Enya - Catstaff`s Extraordinery 1 br.cl.

Bonnie - Catstaff`s Dont Care 2 br. cl.


Sweden Oct VSTC -Audrey Hubery

Bonnie - Catstaff`s Dont Care  BOB, CC (Bis 4 interm.)

Kaos - Catstaff`s The Devil In I , RCC

Samross Dream The One BOB puppy, Bis 2

Samross DReam Addition BOS puppy


Darlington Weekend UK Sep

Catstaff`s Dont Care 1 PGB NCSBTC/2 PGB Darlington/ 3 PGB NESBTC

Catstaff`s Born This Way 2 PGD Darlington/Vhc NESBTC


Scottland Aug - Jimmy Byrnes

Catstaff`s In Your Face 3 PGD NSSBTC Crufts Q


Norway NTK Aug

Catstaff`s In Your Face Dog CC


Granna Sweden July - Entry 426

Catstaff's Extraordinary best bitch with CAC at Granna and res BIS / Bis Junior
 Samross Dream Addition Best puppy dog 6-9 m
Catstaff's Don't Care 2 in intermediate bitch with CK
Catstaff's In Your Face 2 in intermediate dog with CK

Terrier Special June Norway

DoB Viking Spirit At Catstaff RCC (2 best bitch) - Tina Toft Bergstrøm


Western SBT Club UK 27 May

Catstaff`s Dont Care 1 Post Grad Bitch - Andy Land


Scotland 21/22 May

Catstaff`s Dont Care 1 Post Grad Bitch - Jayne Winrow

Catstaff`s Dont Care 2 Yearlig Bitch - Shaun Stone


Leto 23/24.04

Catstaff`s In Your Face DRCC

Catstaff`s What Ever exl CQ



Welcome to Norway Bobby and Eline

Samross Dream Addition & Samross Dream The One

( GB CH Dare To Dream x GB CH Eclypstaff Cuz I Can )


National Terrier UK 02.04

Catstaff`s Dont Care 1 Yearlig bitch - Dean Cund

DoB Viking Spirit At Catstaff 1 Post Grad bitch - Dean Cund


Leto 24.01

Catstaff`s In Your Face Dog CC


Leto 23.01

Aldwych Romeo At Catstaff  Best Dog CC

Catstaff`s In Your Face Dog 2 Best Dog RCC

Catstaff`s My Kind 4 best dog CQ

DoB Viking Spirit At Catstaff 2 best bitch RCC

Catstaff`s Dont Care 3 best bitch CQ



Leto 28.12

Catstaff`s My Kind Dog CC / Catstaff`s Born This Way Dog RCC


Norwegian Spesial Show under Jim Byrnes and Fred Jones 
Niatona My Man At Catstaff 1 in Open and 4 best dog
Catstaff's My Kind 2 in Open and 5 best dog
Catstaff's Bring It On 2 in junior of 17 at just 10 months
Catstaff's Dont Care 1 in 6-9 m puppy bitch and best puppy bitch in show of 17
Catstaff's Born This Way 3 in 6-9 m puppy dog of 14
Proudstaff's Hollywood Rose 1 in vet bitches 8-10 years and best vet bitch in show 
Proudstaff's Disguise The Navigator 1 in vet bitches 10 - up and 2 best vet bitch in show
Catstaff's 2 in both progeny and breeders class with mostly puppies entered.
Thanks to all friends / handlers /co-owners / owners for making it a spesial day :)


Swedish spesial 2015 - Ted - Niatone My Man At Catstaff 4 in Open

2014 - june
Norw. Spesial Show under Liz and Paul Stanway:
                 Ted - Niatona My Man At Catstaff Best Dog and BIS!!!!!! (and Bis head)
                 Selma - Catstaff`s Pure Satisfaction -Best interm. cl. and 5 best bitch.
                 Amy - Proudstaff`s Disguise The Navigator - BIS Veteran
                 Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind 4 in Open Dog.
2014 - may 
 Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind 1 Post Grad Dog EASBTC under Pat Harkin
      Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind Dog CC and BOS at Norw. Ter. spes. Gill McDermott
           Xena - Catstaff`s Princess Xena Bitch CC
2013 - june
Ted- Niatona My Man at Catstaff BIS 3 and 2 best dog at Norwegian Speial Show under Eric Galvin UK.
         Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind BIS 5 and 3 best dog.
         Xena - Catstaff`s Prinses Xena 2 in intermidian class under Roy Day.
2013 - jul 
Ted - Nitatona My Man At Catstaff 2 in open at Gränna Swedish speialshow under Liz Stanway. 
         Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind 4 in intermidian class.
2012 - jun 
Ted - Nitona My Man at Catstaff 1 in intermidian and 4 best dog under Craig Scanlan. 
         Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind 1 in junior.
         Rino - Proudstaff`s Job The Advasery  3 in open.
         Bellman - GB CH Proudstaff`s Chinese Democrazy BIS veteran
2012 - jun - puppies after Rikke born - 3 bitches and 1 boySmiler
2012 - apr - Rikke has been inseminated:)
2011 - nov - Rikke was 3. best bitch - M. Smith - NW - 93 bitchesSmiler
2011 - sep - puppy after Dina and Ted born:)
2011 - july - puppies after Rino and Chanel born:)
2011 - Rino best dog Terrier spesial - Jim Byrnes
         Ted best puppy dog - Jim Byrnes and Alan Hedges
2011 - jan - Ted - Niatona My Man at Catstaff has arrivedSmiler


2010 - des - Rikke had a little girl - Lilly - Catstaff`s My little GirlSmiler
2010 - Rino Dog CC Leeds 2010 Jamie Mace. 
2010 - Rino BIS Norwegian Open Show 2010 B. and J. Beaufoy.

Ted - Niatona My Man At Catstaff BIS Norw. Spes. Show 2014

Amy - Proudstaff`s Disguise The Navigator BIS Vet. Norw. Spes. Show 2014

Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind DCC Norw. Ter. Spes. 2014

Xena - Catstaff`s Princess Xena BCC Norw. Ter. Spes. 2014

Rino best dog Terrier spesial 2011

Ted best puppy dog Terrier spesial 2011

Rino BIS breed spesial show 2010