Crufts UK Woulds biggest dog show 5 biggest breed entry with 306:

BOB DCC Catstaff`s Used To

BRCC Catstaff`s Say Goodbye



Batman - Catstaff`s Used Too - becoming UK Ch and Top Stafford of the Year 2021 in UK




Winter Special SBT Club Sweden ´20

-Trojanstaff Looking Up at Catstaff 1st Junior Class, RCC/2nd Best Dog after 2nd in Junior, Best Junior In Show.

-Catstaff´s True Love 1st Junior Class, CC (4th Best Bitch) Reserve Best Junior in Show


Catstaff's True Love BCC and BOB My Dog Sweden under Johan Sandstrøm today 😊

The rest of the crew did okey too:
Catstaff Fear of Fear 2nd Open Dog
Catstaff Dont Care 2nd Open Bitch
Catstaff Always In My Mind 2nd Interm Bitch
Catstaff Simple Things 3rd Junior Bitch
Trojanstaff Looking Up at Catstaff 3rd Intermedia dog





Granna 2019
Catstaff's Firefly 2 in open dog CK
Catstaff's Fear of Fear 2 in junior dog CK
Catstaff's True Love 4 in puppy bitch
Catstaff's Bloodstream exl and short listed in open dog
3 best Breeders group


Borås Sweden judge Johan Sandstrøm
Catstaff's Firefly Dog CC and Best of breed also Group 4
Catstaff's Heart On Fire Bitch CC and Best opposite Sex


Three Counties Craig Dillon UK.
Catstaff's True Love Best of breed puppy 


What a day for the Catstaff dogs at the Norwegian Special Show!
Judges Dave Manito , Pete Hopgood and Carl Dean. Entry 148.

-Catstaff's Firefly aka Oskar 1st Open dog, Best Dog and BIS😊!!!!

-Catstaff's Best Breeder :)

-Catstaff's Fear of Fear aka Rocco 1st Junior Dog & Reserve Best Dog (11 months)

-Catstaff's Heart On Fire aka Ariel 2nd Junior Bitch, 4th Best Bitch (11 months) BEST HEAD IN SHOW

-Catstaff's Til Kingdom Come aka Albert 1st Puppy Dog, RBPIP

-Samross Dream Addition aka Bobby 3rd Open Dog

-Catstaff's Bad Things aka Nora 1st Baby Class, RBBIB

-Catstaff's Don't Care aka Bonnie 2nd Open Bitch

-Samross Dream The One aka Eline 3rd Open Bitch

-Catstaff's True Love aka Leah 2nd Puppy Bitch

-Catstaff's Stolen Dance aka Einar 2nd Baby Dog

-Catstaff's Always In My Head aka Helga 4th Puppy Bitch

-Catstaff's Leave Me Alone aka Akii 4th baby dog

-Catstaff's Occhi Verdi aka Libby 4 in interm class

Special thanks the the handling crew Adrian, Tina and Kristin 😊 And also to all the people that brought the dogs for the day 😊😊






4 boys and 2 girls born after Eline and Gunnar


Catstaff`s Firefly:

Best of breed CC - Alicante National Show - Terry Wood

 Reserve BOB CC/CACIB - 66th Alicante International Show - Maria Morris


5 girl and 1 boy born after Emma and Olav



4 boys and 1 girl born after Bonnie and Bobby



N&D - Kevin Tittley

Catstaff`s Fact or Fiction 2 JB

Catstaff`s Extraordenary 2 OB


East Of England - Nick Hale

Catstaff`s Extraordenary 1 OB, CC and BOS and UK CH!!!!

Catstaff`s Fact or Fiction 2 PB


4 girl and 1 boy born after Nemi and Romeo



Three Counties - Neil Evans

Catstaff`s Firefly 1 YD

 Southern Counties - Jack Coats

Catstaff`s Firefly 1 YD



EASTBTC - Fred Jones

Catstaff`s Firefly 2 YD



Holland CH Show Oct

Samross Dream Addition 3 in open of 47

Catstaff`s Firefly 2 in junior of 29

Judge Mark Davis (Eclypstaff)


UK Darlington Sep

Catstaff's Firefly 1 in Junior dog Darlington Champ Show & 1 in Junior dog NCSBTC & 2 in Junior dog NESBTC

Norwegian Terrier Club Sarpsborg - Aug.
Catstaff's Firefly DCC and BOB , Best in Show Junior & 3 trd Best in Show
Catstaff's Extraordinary RCC
Breed judge and BIS judge Helge Kvivesen
BIS Junior judge Tinna Grubbe

Sweden - Torsby July
Judge Helge Kvivesen
Catstaff's Firefly CC and best dog
Catstaff's Dont Care RCC

UK July

Potteries SBTC Peter Rhodes/Steve Bradder. Catstaff's Extraordinary 1st limit, bitch CC and RBIS! Catstaff's Don't Care 3rd open bitch. Catstaff's Wicked Games 2nd MPB and 2nd in PB. Catstaff's Bloodstream 3rd yearling dog.
Notts and Derby SBTC Jenny Smith/ Frank Reader. Catstaff's Extraordinary 1st limit, bitch bitch CC and best in show! Catstaff's Don't Care 3rd open bitch. Catstaff's Firefly 1st junior dog and Catstaff's Bloodstream 2nd yearling dog. 

Sweden Granna July

Catstaff's Extraordinary 4 in Interm bitch ck
Catstaff's Firefly 3 in junior dog
Catstaff's Bloodstream 4 in junior dog
Catstaff's Dont Care exl open bitch
Samross Dream Addition 2 in Interm dog ck

 UK May/June

Three counties championship show Mark Marshall. Catstaff Firefly was best puppy in breed and Catsaff Dont Care gained her KC Studbook number with 2nd place in limit. Catstaff Extraordinary also won her yearling class.

Cork and district champ show James Byrnes. Catstaff Firefly 1st junior then Dog green star! Catstaff Extraordinary 1st intermediate bitch then Reserve green star! Catstaff Don't Care 2nd open bitch. C.S.B.T.S Mick Smith. Catstaff Firefly 1st junior then Reserve green star! Catstaff Extraordinary 1st intermediate bitch and reserve green star! Catstaff Don't Care 1st open bitch and Green star then Best in Show

 Bath/WSBTC . Catstaff's Extraordinary 1st in Yearling bitch under Craig Dillon.
Catstaff's Firefly 1 puppy dog and best opposite sex puppy under Marie Morris also 3rd puppy dog at bath champ show under Nigel Merrick

Norway May

SBT Spesial Show Harry and Mary Coble
Samross Dream Addition Res Best Dog
Catstaff's Firefly 1 junior and 4 best dog
Catstaff's Bloodstream 3 junior .
Catstaff's Beauty Behind the Madness 2 in puppy dog
Samross Dream the One 1 intermediate bitch

Norway Match

NTK Kristiansand Jamie Mace. Catstaff's My Kind CC and Norwegian CH
Catstaff's FireFly 1 in junior with exl and CK
Catstaff's Bloodstream 2 in junior exl and CK
Samross Dream the One 2 in junior exl CK and 4 best bitch

Norway Match

Leto national show
Catstaff's Devil in I DCC
Catstaff's FireFly at 8 months at his first show was best puppy in breed (of 17) TPG1 and 3RD BPIS



Norwegian Winner Show - Nov
Dog judge Bob Blackely / Entry 186
Crudha Nordic Soul @ Catstaff BOB DCC NV
Catstaff's The Devil in I CK 2 in Open and 4 best dog
Aldwych Romeo at Catstaff 4 in open CK
Niatona My Man at Catstaff exl and shortlisted in open
Samross Dream Addition 2 in junior CK
Catstaff's Extraordinary 4 in junior CK

UK Oct SCSBTS - Brett Ley

Enya - Catstaff`s Extraordinery 1 junior bitch


Holland Oct NSBTC - Fred Jones

Enya - Catstaff`s Extraordinery 1 br.cl.

Bonnie - Catstaff`s Dont Care 2 br. cl.


Sweden Oct VSTC -Audrey Hubery

Bonnie - Catstaff`s Dont Care  BOB, CC (Bis 4 interm.)

Kaos - Catstaff`s The Devil In I , RCC

Samross Dream The One BOB puppy, Bis 2

Samross DReam Addition BOS puppy


Darlington Weekend UK Sep

Catstaff`s Dont Care 1 PGB NCSBTC/2 PGB Darlington/ 3 PGB NESBTC

Catstaff`s Born This Way 2 PGD Darlington/Vhc NESBTC


Scottland Aug - Jimmy Byrnes

Catstaff`s In Your Face 3 PGD NSSBTC Crufts Q


Norway NTK Aug

Catstaff`s In Your Face Dog CC


Granna Sweden July - Entry 426

Catstaff's Extraordinary best bitch with CAC at Granna and res BIS / Bis Junior
 Samross Dream Addition Best puppy dog 6-9 m
Catstaff's Don't Care 2 in intermediate bitch with CK
Catstaff's In Your Face 2 in intermediate dog with CK

Terrier Special June Norway

DoB Viking Spirit At Catstaff RCC (2 best bitch) - Tina Toft Bergstrøm


Western SBT Club UK 27 May

Catstaff`s Dont Care 1 Post Grad Bitch - Andy Land


Scotland 21/22 May

Catstaff`s Dont Care 1 Post Grad Bitch - Jayne Winrow

Catstaff`s Dont Care 2 Yearlig Bitch - Shaun Stone


Leto 23/24.04

Catstaff`s In Your Face DRCC

Catstaff`s What Ever exl CQ



Welcome to Norway Bobby and Eline

Samross Dream Addition & Samross Dream The One

( GB CH Dare To Dream x GB CH Eclypstaff Cuz I Can )


National Terrier UK 02.04

Catstaff`s Dont Care 1 Yearlig bitch - Dean Cund

DoB Viking Spirit At Catstaff 1 Post Grad bitch - Dean Cund


Leto 24.01

Catstaff`s In Your Face Dog CC


Leto 23.01

Aldwych Romeo At Catstaff  Best Dog CC

Catstaff`s In Your Face Dog 2 Best Dog RCC

Catstaff`s My Kind 4 best dog CQ

DoB Viking Spirit At Catstaff 2 best bitch RCC

Catstaff`s Dont Care 3 best bitch CQ



Leto 28.12

Catstaff`s My Kind Dog CC / Catstaff`s Born This Way Dog RCC


Norwegian Spesial Show under Jim Byrnes and Fred Jones 
Niatona My Man At Catstaff 1 in Open and 4 best dog
Catstaff's My Kind 2 in Open and 5 best dog
Catstaff's Bring It On 2 in junior of 17 at just 10 months
Catstaff's Dont Care 1 in 6-9 m puppy bitch and best puppy bitch in show of 17
Catstaff's Born This Way 3 in 6-9 m puppy dog of 14
Proudstaff's Hollywood Rose 1 in vet bitches 8-10 years and best vet bitch in show 
Proudstaff's Disguise The Navigator 1 in vet bitches 10 - up and 2 best vet bitch in show
Catstaff's 2 in both progeny and breeders class with mostly puppies entered.
Thanks to all friends / handlers /co-owners / owners for making it a spesial day :)


Swedish spesial 2015 - Ted - Niatone My Man At Catstaff 4 in Open

2014 - june
Norw. Spesial Show under Liz and Paul Stanway:
                 Ted - Niatona My Man At Catstaff Best Dog and BIS!!!!!! (and Bis head)
                 Selma - Catstaff`s Pure Satisfaction -Best interm. cl. and 5 best bitch.
                 Amy - Proudstaff`s Disguise The Navigator - BIS Veteran
                 Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind 4 in Open Dog.
2014 - may 
 Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind 1 Post Grad Dog EASBTC under Pat Harkin
      Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind Dog CC and BOS at Norw. Ter. spes. Gill McDermott
           Xena - Catstaff`s Princess Xena Bitch CC
2013 - june
Ted- Niatona My Man at Catstaff BIS 3 and 2 best dog at Norwegian Speial Show under Eric Galvin UK.
         Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind BIS 5 and 3 best dog.
         Xena - Catstaff`s Prinses Xena 2 in intermidian class under Roy Day.
2013 - jul 
Ted - Nitatona My Man At Catstaff 2 in open at Gränna Swedish speialshow under Liz Stanway. 
         Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind 4 in intermidian class.
2012 - jun 
Ted - Nitona My Man at Catstaff 1 in intermidian and 4 best dog under Craig Scanlan. 
         Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind 1 in junior.
         Rino - Proudstaff`s Job The Advasery  3 in open.
         Bellman - GB CH Proudstaff`s Chinese Democrazy BIS veteran
2012 - jun - puppies after Rikke born - 3 bitches and 1 boy🙂
2012 - apr - Rikke has been inseminated:)
2011 - nov - Rikke was 3. best bitch - M. Smith - NW - 93 bitches🙂
2011 - sep - puppy after Dina and Ted born:)
2011 - july - puppies after Rino and Chanel born:)
2011 - Rino best dog Terrier spesial - Jim Byrnes
         Ted best puppy dog - Jim Byrnes and Alan Hedges
2011 - jan - Ted - Niatona My Man at Catstaff has arrived🙂


2010 - des - Rikke had a little girl - Lilly - Catstaff`s My little Girl🙂
2010 - Rino Dog CC Leeds 2010 Jamie Mace. 
2010 - Rino BIS Norwegian Open Show 2010 B. and J. Beaufoy.

Ted - Niatona My Man At Catstaff BIS Norw. Spes. Show 2014

Amy - Proudstaff`s Disguise The Navigator BIS Vet. Norw. Spes. Show 2014

Bailey - Catstaff`s My Kind DCC Norw. Ter. Spes. 2014

Xena - Catstaff`s Princess Xena BCC Norw. Ter. Spes. 2014

Rino best dog Terrier spesial 2011

Ted best puppy dog Terrier spesial 2011

Rino BIS breed spesial show 2010